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Vintage Trig



Once upon a time, there was a girl. She loved dresses and shoes and spent her days dressing up women for a special occasions.

She dreamt of having her own boutique one day. And what would she have there? – Things special, mostly timeless, with stories to tell!
Easier said than done - she couldn’t put a name on it for quite a long time. Actually - up until she realized she wore her grandmother’s gloves…

Finding out what she wanted - she searched high and low - the whole of the kingdom and good bit beyond.
She met some lovely people who helped her dream come true. And a lot of like-minded girls who appreciated the gems she uncovered. Like You, reading these words.
Now we are very proud to welcome you in our online boutique where you can find the perfect vintage pieces to meet your unique personality.

Vintage TRIG has many meanings but the one we believe in is “neat and smart in appearance”